Be strategically lazy.

Don’t do it all (at least not now).

Have regular business detoxes.

Control your system interrupts.

Check your constraints.

Build one Minimum Valuable Asset every quarter.

That’s it.

” The number one principle of Better Than Great is LESS.
Less is better than great.”

The trouble is, when you do less you have to do the right thing, and that’s the hardest thing, right?

You don’t need to write a 70,000 word book IF a 20,000 word book will give the reader everything they need.
That way you help your reader be strategically lazy too – they can get the result faster, easier, with less reading.

Our first Better Than Great asset that we’ll be creating in the club is a book – a special type of book – an MVA: Book.
An MVA: Book is short, valuable, usable, shareable.

It can be more challenging to write a short book. That’s why you need to get it right from the start, so you don’t accidentally write a long book (ask Mark Twain if you don’t believe me).

There is a place for longer books – I read long books all the time – you probably do too. You might have written a longer book, or even write one in the future. But there’s also a place for shorter books. 

In the MVA: Book sprint we’re writing a short book. And getting it published by Christmas.

The goal of this first sprint is to get the minimum done to create a valuable (to you and to the reader/client) asset, created in the shortest possible time, at the lowest cost.

Should you write a Minimum Valuable Asset: Book? Is it the right thing for you now? I don’t know, but I made you a handy quiz to find out. Try it now, let me know what it tells you to do!

Ciao for now,


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