Bri Williams, The Behaviour Changer, and author of “The Williams Behaviour Book: 50 Models to Influence Action” says:

“The lesson is that people are willing to do hard things. When it comes to influencing ourselves and others to act, that’s usually not the problem. The problem is the irritations and frustrations on the way to doing the hard thing. That’s what derails us. That’s what demotivates us.”

I’ve been thinking about what Bri said a lot over the last couple of days. Am I making things for my clients too difficult on the way to getting their book written and published? Where are the frustrations that I can resolve? What irritations do they all face (me, obviously, I’m quite bossy)? What feelings and thoughts stop them from getting things done?

What about you?

What obstacles are you putting in the way of your clients getting their outcome?

  • A website that doesn’t say what you do clearly?
  • No easy way to buy from you?
  • Vague testimonials that don’t address their concerns before they buy? (after they’ve worked out how to buy – lol!)
  • No information about you, the real person behind the scenes?
  • No bigger “why” to help them decide?
  • Lack of cheat sheets and checklists?
  • Not enough templates?
  • A book that describes how to get the hard things done?
  • No signposting on how far they’ve come?
  • Too much information (or not enough)?
  • Out of date videos (did my hair really look like that?)?
  • No access to you?
  • Nothing for them to buy next?

Well, that’s my TO DO list of tolerations and obstacles to tackle over the summer!

Here’s what I suggest you do to make your own list of tolerations that need fixing:
1. Find a willing victim, probably someone you know but doesn’t know your business.
2. Watch over their shoulder as they try to buy from you. See what happens after they fill in a form. Check the onboarding process – did they get all the information they needed?
3. Watch their faces, listen to their grunts (lol) – where are they confused, lost, anxious, pissed off?
4. Then make the list and fix it!

Does that job feel overwhelming to you? It does to me. Every time I look at my list I feel a little anxious.

Then I remember that if I don’t resolve these issues I’m passing that feeling of “anxious” on to my clients or potential clients.

Then I don’t feel overwhelmed, I feel energised to make things better for them. That’s my why – making the process or writing, publishing and marketing a book, easy and fun for my clients so they can make an impact in the world.

I’m going to be sharing techniques and tactics to make your book journey easier. I’m going to help you feel less anxious by making the path to the hard thing – writing and publishing your own book – as easy as possible.

Ciao for now,

PS:  Overwhelm is the number 1 killer of publishing dreams – let me help you… Join us it’s free! Here is the link:


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People only do what you want them to do when it’s what they want to do (unless you’ve got a gun)

People only do what you want them to do when it’s what they want to do (unless you’ve got a gun)

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