About Debbie Jenkins.

I love working with smart consultants, coaches and mentors who are brilliant at serving their clients, and also need to take care of their own practice. 

I’ve been running my own consultancy businesses for the last 25+ years. My first business was a digital marketing agency in the '90s helping consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers and expert advisors to grow their business while reducing marketing waste. Over the next 3 years I grew that company to 12 employees, an office in the city, a chillax room for the team... I thought I knew what I was doing. But I missed capitalising on a vital step - I didn’t create enough assets that would work for me so that I didn’t have to keep on selling my own and my team’s time. You can read more about my personal journey here: www.DebbieJenkins.com

I know that it’s easy to get caught up delivering to clients, keeping on top of trends and technology, marketing and proposal writing, racing from job to job. It’s hard to squeeze in time for your own personal professional development, let alone find space to think about creating assets. And there’s the dilemma, because without these assets you’ll always be bouncing from job to job, selling your time not your value, and leaving your best ideas on your busy desk.

Over the last 25 years I have helped COOs from Microsoft, VPs from McDonald's and Executives from Mars (the company, not the planet) create, build and launch assets that have helped them win clients, build their personal practices and become published authors*. Through my publishing company I published over 80 business books. After I sold it I went on to help more than 30 smart business owners write their legacy book, and coached hundreds of consultants to market themselves, their business, and their IP. I have ghostwritten bestselling business books for venture capitalists, CFOs, MBEs, professors, mentors and coaches. Projects I’ve worked on have been published by Pearson, Business Expert Press, and Bloomsbury. I have designed and marketed apps, produced websites and written/co-written more than 10 books (my first in 2003), with three more coming out in 2023.

I know how to help you get the clever ideas out of your head (or off your computer) and turned into valuable things (assets) for your business. Assets like business books, whitepapers, converting websites, marketing materials, podcasts... I also know how to help you use these assets to accelerate your time to impact, achieve visibility and influence, and improve your bottom line.

I have a 1st Class Degree in Electronics Engineering which means I am trained to look for sustainable and innovative solutions to problems, I understand technology and software development, and I can create models and frameworks that people can use (and I know what a MOSFET is). I moved to Southern Spain in 2005. I live at the Disaster Farm (that's not a typo) with a host of animals, where I invite special clients to visit and work on their assets in person.

I am determined to help all my clients make the most of their IP, ideas and talent. I can help you turn your clever ideas into valuable things. And we'll have fun doing it.

* I work with people from companies that don’t start with an M too!

The Asset Path®: For consultants who love serving clients and need to take care of their own practice

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Turning a book into a brand  “So many consultants are limited by their capacity to get their content out into the marketplace – the process can seem overwhelming. Debbie Jenkins has

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Turning a Book into a Brand

Repackaging your work to get a publishing deal “Without Debs, I would not be looking forward to the publication of The Power of Clarity by Bloomsbury Publishing as their top business book

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Repackaging your work to get a publishing deal

Debs is a wonderful resource - insightful, versatile, thorough, and timely...

"Debs knew when to push, prod, and inject structure, and when to back off and give me space. She provided valuable feedback throughout the process, her support kept me balanced and gave me confidence. I wouldn’t be sending my book to Bloomsbury Publishing without Debs."

Ann Latham

Forbes.com Expert blogger, author of The Clarity Papers & The Power of Clarity


Debs is a leader in design thinking...

"Debs works magic. Without being a domain expert, she is a leader in design thinking for any author. She asks the right questions, she sees through you and brings it all together."

Efi Pylarinou

Fintech & Blockchain Advisor, Global Influencer - Fintech & 4IR Tech


Debs is a breath of fresh air, a trusted partner, a muse for creativity...

"A major catalyst in getting my message and brand out into the world. Debs helps me capture my thoughts and ideas in a way that can be clearly and compellingly shared with others. She helps me organize my IP while connecting the dots from one piece of content to the next."

Dr Liz Bywater

Executive Advisor & Strategic Confidant to the C-Suite, Author & Consultant


Consultants: If you don’t make time for asset creation, you will have to make time for job hunting...