Turn Your Clever Thoughts

Into Valuable Things

Join our exclusive group of action-oriented consultants & experts to create assets that add value, attract new clients, and make money
(while you're serving your clients)

The Short Version

  • What is The Better Than Great Club?

  • Should You Join?

  • Sprints

  • What to do next

It's a course - information

Every three months, during a 2-3 week sprint I'll teach you how to create a new business asset from your ideas. You can make the asset in the three weeks along with the rest of the cohort, or come back to it later. The full courses will always be available to members.

It's a membership - implementation

We'll do the 3 week sprint together as a cohort. You'll get (and give) peer feedback from other members. During the non-sprint months we'll get your assets working for you - filling your business with clients, available as credibility clues, used as part of your marketing.

It's access to me - outcome strategy

The trouble with courses and memberships is the lack of outcome direction and strategy. That's where I come in. You'll get access to me to keep you on the asset path with regular action steps, check-ins and personal feedback.

The Long Version

What you need

Business generating 'things' that sell you better than you sell yourself

You're probably dreaming of having assets that easily work for you while you're delivering to your clients, playing pickleball, or enjoying time with friends and family. Assets like high converting websites, whitepapers that claim your IP, a book that everyone references. Perhaps you dream of packaging your ideas into a self-serve course, interviewing top CEOs for your podcast, or building an app. I understand your dreams. You're on the right path.

The problem is you have too many great ideas and not enough strategic output. If we can change the focus from idea generation to asset creation we can unlock your hidden potential. All the consultants, coaches and mentors I work with say the same: they know they are leaders in their field, they are great at what they do, but they're not reaching the right people with their ideas... yet! 

When you dump the idea debt, systemise the process of making business assets, and capitalise on all your unexploited ideas you'll create assets that your clients will love. You'll feel confident that you're moving the right idea forward.

It's time to cash in on all the work you've done, get the results you deserve, and maybe even start creating your legacy.

You're not alone

The Race to the Bottom

I know how it feels. I've been seduced by the courses, books, podcasts, 5 day challenges & exciting magic bullets too. And even though you know it can't all be true, you want to believe it really is that easy.

The problem is - knowing what to do and doing it are two very different things. It's made even more difficult because all these gurus have different agendas, methodologies, systems. It feels like you're starting again - from scratch - with every new asset attempt. Coupled with that, you feel you have to race on to the next thing before you've even finished or taken advantage of what you've made.

Let's do this together

The Glide to the Top

Every quarter we'll sprint to create a new asset in 21 days. That means each year you will create at least 4 new business generating, client attracting assets. After the 21 day sprint you'll capitalise on the asset - you'll use it, share it, sell it, find partners, remix it... All of this is covered in your membership. Not only do you get a new MVA course every 90 days, you get peer group support, personal attention from me and the experts, a 'team' working with you - all heading in the same direction.

One source of expert information

No more shopping around when you need to build the next asset for your business. We'll intimately know your business and the outcome you're heading towards.

Dedicated team of professionals

No need to waste time or money looking for the right expert to help you. My handpicked team of experts and professionals are ready to help you.

Personal mentorship & advice

You get personal access to me. I'm committed to your success. I'll do whatever is needed to get you over the line.

How to Create Business Generating Assets

Each quarter I'll introduce a new asset, we'll work on it together, getting feedback from your peers. Below are just some of the minimum valuable assets (MVAs) we'll look at with my team of experts. Every year we run a BOOK sprint.

Minimum Valuable Asset: Book

A book doesn't need to be massive to be valuable. I'll show you how to outline, write, edit, produce and publish your own short book. We'll use tools you already have available. We won't wait to be selected by a publisher. We'll get the valuable information into a printed product that you can use immediately to generate leads, attract clients, and build your authority. This is the fastest way to produce a physical product for your business. You can watch a video of the MVA Book Masterclass (with the five steps we go through).

Minimum Valuable Asset: Website

Your website can be up to date. I'll send you my cheatsheet to make the whole process super easy. Then I'll lead you through the process of specifying or creating a website that demonstrates your credibility, captures the attention of prospects, and shows your clients the calibre of your thinking. If you're confident creating the site yourself I'll share my simple tools and software to make this incredibly easy and future proof. This is the best way to manage your profile. If you prefer a little help, my team is there to turn your vision into reality.

Minimum Valuable Asset: Diagnostic

Everyone likes to understand themselves and their business better, this is what fuels the uptake of quizzes, diagnostics and self-tests. In addition, for the quiz-owner (you) the value in the data you collect (and use) will help you grow your business and attract the right types of clients to your business. In this sprint you'll learn how to structure the questions and results, develop the payoff (the report), select the right technology and get a quiz working for your business.  

This is the best way to collect usable data about potential clients while attracting them to your business.

Minimum Valuable Asset: Framework

You don't need to deliver other people's IP. The single most important asset you can create as a thought leader, consultant or coach is your own framework. I'll lead you through a process of distilling your thinking, drawing (literally!) your process, and documenting the steps you take your clients through to achieve success. I'll show you how to easily draw the framework yourself, or if you prefer put you in touch with my team of designers. Your framework will inform all your value creating marketing activities. This is the simplest way to claim your IP. We'll even look at registering the trademarks.

Minimum Valuable Asset: Course

Don't underestimate the value of a self-service online course. We'll show you how to outline, record, produce and publish your own courses. I'll even show you my technology stack that means I don't pay exorbitant monthly fees to get my courses in the hands of the people who need them.  This is the fastest way to repackage what you know into a self-serve product that generates cash and can reach larger audiences.

Minimum Valuable Asset: Podcast

A podcast doesn't need to be a chore. I'll show you how to make it simple, fun, and seasonal. We'll go through the quickest - free - way of getting your podcast syndicated to all the channels. Above all we'll make sure it adds value to you, your mission and what your people want to hear. This is the easiest way to attract other thought leaders, experts, and influencers into your orbit. They'll be contacting you.

Minimum Valuable Asset: Nocode App

Creating an app shouldn't cost the earth. We'll show you how to use no-code tools to prototype, test and publish your business generating app. This is the simplest way to get a product in the app stores.

I know this feels hard. But there's a secret. You build a system that takes all the clever ideas you've already created and turn them into valuable things. 
You're not starting from scratch. 
You probably have everything you need right now... 

what you get

Business assets that add value, attract clients & make money

Given the ease of access to software tools, technology and experts it's never been easier to make assets for your business. Never. It doesn't require any extra special skills on your part. It's a simple matter of uncovering what you know, deciding the right vehicle to reach your audience, and getting the right people to package it.

The difficult part is knowing what asset to create, how to make sure it fits in with your bigger plans, and getting it over the line. 

If you haven't made the most of your assets yet, it's likely nothing to do with you. With the number of companies selling magic marketing templates, social media content that makes everyone sound like the same demented AI robot, and 'write a book in a day' crackpot schemes it's a wonder any of us get anything done. If this barrage of options has left you more confused than excited, take a deep breath... when you join the Better Than Great Club, each quarter I'll personally lead you through the creation of a new asset - like a book, or a course, or a podcast.  

Don't kid yourself that your ideas have an infinite shelf-life. If you don't use them they will just become more idea debt, holding you back, waking you up at 4am, decaying in front of your eyes. Now is the time to take advantage of your ideas and get them to the right people.


Check what my clients say

Debs is insightful, quick, and creative, though I think I value her enthusiasm most of all. Debs knew when to push, prod, and inject structure, and when to back off and give me space. Her support kept me balanced and gave me confidence. It was just great to be able to bounce ideas and concerns off her as I pulled the many pieces together.

Ann Latham

Strategic clarity expert, Forbes.com expert blogger, Author of The Power of Clarity by Bloomsbury Publishing

Deb is an incredibly gifted author and business mentor. Her knowledge is broad and deep, which makes every interaction not just a pleasure but a constructive step forward. I had a badly formed idea and she gave me the inspiration to turn this into something tangible and real. She knows when to challenge you, when to get you to focus, when to give encouragement to keep going and finally what to do to make it real. I have huge admiration and praise for her.

Gareth Helm

Experienced Chief Marketing Officer, NED (McDonald's, Mars, Innocent Drinks...)

Invest in yourself and join the
Better Than Great Club

If you want to be part of a dedicated, small group who are committed to making business assets every quarter to grow their business, improve their client's lives and leave a legacy then join us.

New MVA every 90 days

A new course every quarter showing you how to develop or specify a new business asset.

Peer support

Not only detailed training but peer support - doing it at the same time with you.

Regular access to Debs

I'll be personally available to answer questions, give feedback, and help you. You get my private Whatsapp number.

Fixed investment

Your monthly or yearly fee will never increase, you are 'grandfathered' in - you'll get all new courses for the price you started on.

Little Book of Big Decisions

I'll send you your own copy in the post. It's the perfect, easy-to-use resource to help you make more productive decisions and stay on track.

Expert advice

You'll get introductions to my handpicked team of professionals and experts, saving you the time and headache of finding your own.

Special invitations

You'll be first to know and receive massive discounts on all premium workshops, sprints and courses. At least 50% off.

Built in feedback

The program includes peer feedback and support. You're not alone. The more you give, the more you'll get.

Private affiliates

Invitation to become an affiliate to help your colleagues and reduce your own investment.

Debs is a complete powerhouse of focused energy. She not only knows *how* to make things happen - she is also a trained strategic thinker - which ensures that the *right* things get to happen.I LOVED her session on MVA and urge every other entrepreneur to get over onto one of Debs' events to get the "stuff" out of their head and into a relevant structure that serves you brilliantly. Debs' insightful ways are charming and yet she is ruthlessly pragmatic. No fluff - pure focus!

Sue Haswell

Training ★ Coaching ★ Consulting ★ Comms ★ Author ★ NED

Debs is one of my favourite coaches. She listens well, is kind, generous and extremely witty. Coming from a technology background, and assisting me with my women in cyber security book, proved hugely valuable. Over a 9-month period she helped me plan the structure of the book, checked my writing, and held me accountable for meeting the timescales I'd set. She also advised on my product ecosystem, and introduced me to suppliers. Debs is the person I'd seek out. 

Jane Frankland

Cybersecurity Executive | Author | Keynote Speaker | Awards Judge | Thought Leader | Women’s Change Agent | Philanthropist

Let's do this together
Join us at the Better Than Great Club

you'll get Regular access to me, PLUS workshops from my team of experienced designers, technical experts, business and mindset coaches

I'm going to help you make assets from your ideas... so you don't have to keep making new stuff, feel bad because you've not made the most of your ideas, nor fall back on filling your days with one to ones. I'll give you the confidence to know exactly what asset to make so you don't have to keep jobbing, working so many hours, and selling your time. 

Over the last 25+ years I’ve helped consultants, trainers, coaches, mentors, small business owners and experts capture their IP, create business assets, and accelerate their time to impact to become the most sought after experts in their field. I can help you refine and package your IP so your clients can buy your best thinking.

If you follow The Asset Path® System you’ll be able to smoothly develop the right skills, processes, and repeatable techniques to become a leading consultant in your industry, sought after by your clients and widely referenced by your peers. Let me guide you to the fastest step... making your own Minimum Valuable Assets®.

You will never reach a critical mass, and escape from the jobbing consultant's lifestyle until you start with asset creation and orchestration.

Claim Your Place

For 2023, I'm holding the price at just €299 per 90 days. 

You will get one business generating sprint, plus access to all the course materials and recordings of all the previous sprints.

I'm determined to break the oxymoron of: online learning.

This isn't just a course (information input), nor just a membership (implementation output) you get me, and I'm focused on the outcome for you.

What's inside...

The Better Than Great Community

Let's do this together:

  • Ask for (& give) peer feedback
  • Network with other members
  • Share resources & ideas

The Better Than Great Resources

All free for you:

  • Every quadrimester sprint is turned into a course so you can learn at your own pace
  • You get access to all paid courses
  • Download all ebooks, PDFs, cheat sheets, checklists

The Better Than Great Vault

Keep up to date:

  • Every weekly recording is stored & waiting for you
  • Can't make a call? No problem, watch later.
  • Put yourself in the hot seat

About Debbie Jenkins.

I love working with smart consultants, coaches and mentors who are brilliant at serving their clients, and also need to take care of their own practice. 

I’ve been running my own consultancy businesses for the last 25+ years. My first business was a digital marketing agency in the '90s helping consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers and expert advisors to grow their business while reducing marketing waste. Over the next 3 years I grew that company to 12 employees, an office in the city, a chillax room for the team... I thought I knew what I was doing. But I missed capitalising on a vital step - I didn’t create enough assets that would work for me so that I didn’t have to keep on selling my own and my team’s time. You can read more about my personal journey here: www.DebbieJenkins.com

I know that it’s easy to get caught up delivering to clients, keeping on top of trends and technology, marketing and proposal writing, racing from job to job. It’s hard to squeeze in time for your own personal professional development, let alone find space to think about creating assets. And there’s the dilemma, because without these assets you’ll always be bouncing from job to job, selling your time not your value, and leaving your best ideas on your busy desk.

Over the last 25 years I have helped COOs from Microsoft, VPs from McDonald's and Executives from Mars (the company, not the planet) create, build and launch assets that have helped them win clients, build their personal practices and become published authors*. Through my publishing company I published over 80 business books. After I sold it I went on to help more than 30 smart business owners write their legacy book, and coached hundreds of consultants to market themselves, their business, and their IP. I have ghostwritten bestselling business books for venture capitalists, CFOs, MBEs, professors, mentors and coaches. Projects I’ve worked on have been published by Pearson, Business Expert Press, and Bloomsbury. I have designed and marketed apps, produced websites and written/co-written more than 10 books (my first in 2003), with three more coming out in 2023.

I know how to help you get the clever ideas out of your head (or off your computer) and turned into valuable things (assets) for your business. Assets like business books, whitepapers, converting websites, marketing materials, podcasts... I also know how to help you use these assets to accelerate your time to impact, achieve visibility and influence, and improve your bottom line.

I have a 1st Class Degree in Electronics Engineering which means I am trained to look for sustainable and innovative solutions to problems, I understand technology and software development, and I can create models and frameworks that people can use (and I know what a MOSFET is). I moved to Southern Spain in 2005. I live at the Disaster Farm (that's not a typo) with a host of animals, where I invite special clients to visit and work on their assets in person.

I am determined to help all my clients make the most of their IP, ideas and talent. I can help you turn your clever ideas into valuable things. And we'll have fun doing it.

* I work with people from companies that don’t start with an M too!