People only do what you want them to do when it’s what they want to do…

…unless you’ve got a gun!

As I’m assuming you’re a lovely person, like me, then I’m guessing you’d love to know about a magic trick for finding out what people want to do, and making sure it fits with what you want them to do, so you both get value. Am I right?

(I tried to make that sentence more complicated but I really couldn’t – if you understood and want to know more read on…)

The magic trick I’ve found is quizzes, diagnostics and self-tests. You’ve probably even taken some yourself. The famous ones like DiSC, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the big five personality tests. The less famous, but equally indicative ones such as what type of cat you are, how you would die on Murder She Wrote (don’t look it up, it really exists, keep the focus) and the Official Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz.

Your diagnostic can be as serious or funny as you want; it can be complicated or very simple; you can use it as a tool when onboarding and then again at the end of your coaching to show progress; it can generate leads, data and ideas; it can also help you make decisions about product or service development. So why haven’t you got one yet? (If you have got one let me know, I’ll take it and let you know what I think.)

It’s not as easy as it looks! The problems are:

  • They look complicated and challenging to make!
  • How do you know what technology to use?
  • What questions should you ask?
  • How can you get people to take your quiz?
  • What will you do with their answers?
  • How will use the lovely data you collect?

You know if you could set up a diagnostic you’d be able to sort your prospects into groups, help them help themselves with useful personalised feedback, work out the easiest way to help them on a discovery call, and add loads of value!

You’ve probably been thinking about doing one for ages, and just didn’t get round to it. Well now’s your chance to get one up and running.

You might know that I run The Better Than Great club, to help smart people turn their clever thoughts into valuable things without resorting to blackmail or guns. 

Why a sprint? If you’re anything like me you have too many ideas and not enough time (or arsed) to get them done. A sprint gives us a time defined window to make stuff happen!

Why a small group? Because you get personal attention, peer feedback, accountability and fun! For a much lower price than if I helped you personally!

Any questions just reply to this email.

Ciao for now!


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The path to hard things needs to be easy

The path to hard things needs to be easy

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