Uncover your hidden assets to accelerate your time to impact & improve your visibility in just one day

As an experienced consultant, coach, trainer or mentor you have a wealth of treasures just waiting to be unearthed and put to work for you... Join me online for one day and I promise I'll show you how.

Are you making the most of your assets?

Debbie Jenkins

Create business generating assets today, to avoid job hunting tomorrow...

The Short Version

  • What is the Uncover Your Hidden Assets Masterclass?

  • Should You Join?

  • What to do next

It's a one day Masterclass

First we bust some myths about what assets are, why you need them, and how you might have plenty of them hiding in plain sight. Then we uncover your hidden assets. Finally, we work out which potential assets you should put your attention on to bring you the best return on your investment.

It's all about you

I'll lead you through a series of exercises and techniques to help you work out what assets you already have, how to use them and how to never 'lose' them again. You'll be able to use these techniques easily in the future. You get a recording of the day so you can watch again whenever you want, and a PDF of the techniques.

It's access to me

I have worked with consultants, trainers, coaches and thought leaders for the last 25 years. I've helped hundreds of experts turn their clever thoughts into valuable assets that their clients love. I can quickly see the value in your ideas, help you hone in on the winners so you can put your attention on the right things.

The Long Version

The Fleeting Opportunities

Given the ease of access to software tools, technology and experts it's never been easier to make assets for your business. Never. It doesn't require any extra special skills on your part. It's a simple matter of uncovering what you know and getting the right people to package it. The difficult part is uncovering those hidden assets. 

If you haven't made the most of your assets yet, it's likely nothing to do with you. With the number of companies selling magic marketing templates, social media content that makes everyone sound like the same demented AI robot, and 'write a book in a day' crackpot schemes it's a wonder any of us get anything done. If this barrage of options has left you more confused than excited, take a deep breath... in the 1 Day Uncover Your Hidden Assets Sprint we'll cut through the chaos, discover the untapped value in your ideas, and select the right ideas so you can make the most of your current thinking.  

However, don't kid yourself that your ideas have an infinite shelf-life. If you don't use them they will just become more idea debt, holding you back, waking you up at 4am, decaying in front of your eyes.

These are four of the most promising opportunities I find consultants neglecting:

IP & Product Opportunity

Even consultants who have published a book, developed a program or created a system fail to reuse, recycle and upcycle their investment. To amplify your credibility, attract more clients, and get the seat at the table use your assets. It's not enough to 'create it and hope', you must make the most of your IP, and quickly.

By-product Opportunity

Your thinking and creative process, the way you've developed your products and services, and the investment you've made in your learning are, in fact, all potential assets. Your sawdust is probably more valuable than most consultant's IP. It's time to sell your sawdust!

Exploitation Opportunity

Really successful consultants make sure they package their learning after every engagement. That's how they productise and capitalise on their ideas and IP, instead of racing off to the next job. You have a resource exploitation opportunity. Work out what's the best asset to explore and exploit right now, so you don't waste your precious time and resources.

Delivery Mode Opportunity

Top consultants know they can upcycle their IP in multiple different delivery modes. Your podcast can be turned into articles. Your articles can transform into a book. Your book can become your best sales person. Videos and audios can be remodeled into a course or series, into a membership site or paid subscription. You have a delivery mode opportunity.

You will never reach a critical mass, and escape from
the jobbing consultant's lifestyle until you start with asset orchestration.

The challenge of being an independent
consultant, mentor, or coach

Running your consultancy business can be expensive - not only in cash, but more importantly in time! You’re not only the brains, you’re also the hands, heart, feet and voice… you need to take on all the tasks of running the business, customer service, client acquisition, marketing and sales... or recruit the right people (a different type of headache) or outsource. You might be thinking: 

  • How can I handle marketing, sales, and consulting?
  • How can I build my reputation, serve my clients, and create valuable IP?
  • How is it possible to bring in those top tier contracts and compete with the bigger consultancies?
  • What are assets, how do I create them?
  • It’s too difficult to codify my innate expertise. I can't capture my special model, method, or framework.
  • I know too much about this industry, which means I can't break it down or simplify it. It's all too complex and I overwhelm my prospects.
  • I don’t want to waste yet more time or effort on websites, books, products that turn into liabilities, become an ongoing cost, a sunk cost, or intermittent headache.
  • I don’t have the skills (drawing, writing, building, technical) to actually make assets to claim my IP. How do I get assets created?
  • It all takes so much time. By the time I’ve got an idea to market things have changed. My time to impact is way too long.
  • It’s not about time management - I know how to manage my time. It’s about 'idea' management - what’s the right 'idea' to take forward, and when?
  • I’ve tried so many marketing tactics and techniques, and they’ve all failed. Is it worth it?
  • I’m disappointed in the ‘gurus’ who have sold me programs that didn’t work.
  • I’m a little disappointed in myself for not making headway when other, less experienced consultants have.

I know this feels hard. But there's a secret. You want to build a system that takes all the brilliant ideas you've already created and turn them into products. You're not starting from scratch. You probably have everything you need right now...

Uncovering your hidden assets can have major benefits - as long as you put them to use...

Turning a book into a brand  “So many consultants are limited by their capacity to get their content out into the marketplace – the process can seem overwhelming. Debbie Jenkins has

Read the full case story
Turning a Book into a Brand

Repackaging your work to get a publishing deal “Without Debs, I would not be looking forward to the publication of The Power of Clarity by Bloomsbury Publishing as their top business book

Read the full case story
Repackaging your work to get a publishing deal

Over the last 25 years I’ve helped consultants, trainers, coaches, mentors, small business owners and experts capture their IP, create business assets, and accelerate their time to impact to become the most sought after experts in their field. I can help you refine and package your IP so your clients can buy your best thinking.

If you follow The Asset Path® System you’ll be able to smoothly develop the right skills, processes, and repeatable techniques to become a leading consultant in your industry, sought after by your clients and widely referenced by your peers. Let me guide you to the fastest step... uncovering your hidden assets.

Is this masterclass right for you?

You might be wondering if this is the right place to get started on building your assets...

Book yourself on the masterclass if:

  • You are a smart consultant, trainer, coach, speaker or author who has a lot of untapped IP stored on your computer or hiding in your head
  • You have unfinished projects that just might be incredibly useful to your potential clients - if you could only get them finished
  • You are tired of not getting the recognition you deserve for your ideas, frameworks, and interventions
  • You are open to being mentored, and maybe doing things differently than you're used to

Don't book yourself in if:

  • You are hoping a magic asset fairy will just do everything for you (I've been called worse)
  • You are a masterclass junkie and have no intention of following through
  • You're new in your industry - you need a few years under your belt to get the best from the masterclass
  • You like doing things the hard way and reinventing the wheel (I can recommend lots of programs for that!)

The Uncover Your Hidden Assets Masterclass is for smart people who are ready to get their IP into the hands of the people who need it. You'll be surprised at how much we uncover. You'll suddenly find yourself with assets that can be reused, upgraded, or remixed so you can attract clients, sell more and be more influential in your industry... I'll be honest with you - the masterclass isn't for everyone. If you have any questions contact me - book yourself on a call and we'll work it out together.

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Find out what you've

forgotten you know

Before creating new products or services to serve your clients consider that you may already have hidden assets waiting to be developed. In your years of client work you will have created valuable IP... that you've probably forgotten about.

IP such as:

  • Previous client work that can be systemised - what you’ve done
  • Unfinished projects - what you’ve almost done
  • Frameworks or models you can productise - how you do what you do
  • Recorded training events or speeches - demonstration of what you did
  • Case studies, feedback, credibility clues - what other people think about what you did
  • Valuable data (e.g. surveys, interviews, category insight) - what you know that others need to know
  • Existing projects & products (e.g. a book, newsletter, podcast) - recycle what you know
  • Existing products to a new delivery method or format - what you know delivered in a new way

Every time you move on without capitalising on the effort you have expended you are leaving cash, value and future wealth on the table. The lure of 'nexting' - racing off to the next job, idea, strategy - might give you that happy dopamine hit, but it's not putting money in your bank, nor building a list of eager clients.

Cash-in on your messy desk

You're probably dreaming of having assets that easily work for you while you're delivering to your clients, playing pickleball, or enjoying time with friends and family. Assets like high converting websites, whitepapers that claim your IP, a book that everyone references. Perhaps you dream of packaging your ideas into a self-serve course, interviewing top CEOs for your podcast, or building an app. I understand your dreams. You're on the right path.

The problem is you have too many great ideas and not enough strategic output. Let's check if that's true for you: Do you sometimes re-read an old article you wrote and you're surprised by the depth of thinking and detail you developed... and lament that so few people have had the chance to read it? Do you have lots of written material that you 'hide' behind because you're nervous about getting in front of the camera and showing your full potential? Do you have piles of brilliant ideas, loads of half-written articles, multiple started-but-not-quite-finished projects - all of them tying you down with idea debt and un-shipped frustration. If we can change the focus from idea generation to asset creation we can unlock your hidden potential.

You're not alone. All the consultants, coaches and mentors I work with say the same: they know they are leaders in their field, but they're not reaching the right people with their ideas... yet!

Know that your best work is yet to come and will be built upon these foundations.

In this 1 day masterclass we'll uncover your hidden assets. We'll use a tested system and straightforward roadmap to work out which ideas are keepers, that will become assets for your business, and which are liabilities that you can discard.

When you dump the idea debt, systemise the process, and capitalise on all your unexploited ideas you'll create assets that your clients will love. You'll feel confident that you're moving the right idea forward. You'll learn to never lose your assets again.

It's time to cash in on all the work you've done, get the results you deserve, 
and maybe even start creating your legacy.

Davina Ripton - Delivering change in your business

Debs is a real joy to work with. She steps into your world to see things from your perspective, with empathy and enthusiasm. She listens to your ideas, what you want to achieve and takes time to understand how you work. And then she steps back out and helps you see the bigger picture. She gives honest, constructive feedback and supports you to refine and evolve your ideas, finding your own unique space. She brings structure, energy and passion to every meeting, acting as a trusted mentor and creative partner. And when it comes to business, she's been there, done it and shares that experience generously to help move things forward.

Are You Ready to clear your messy desk and make the most of your assets?

What we'll cover on the 1 Day Uncover Your Hidden Assets Masterclass:

  • The Asset Test - what is an asset, how to find out if you're creating liabilities, and stop!
  • The Asset Inventory - map your current & hidden assets
  • The Minimum Valuable Asset sweet spot - what makes a great asset
  • Your Energetic Idea Jar - how to select the best assets to explore and exploit
  • The Asset Risk Map - understand the role of luck, determine your level of acceptable risk to new asset generation
  • How to capture your IP in the future - so you never lose your assets again
  • What to do next with the assets you've uncovered so you can turn them into value, easily!
  • The ADA/313 constraints system to make sure you take action
  • Finally, FFF Ruthless Time Blocking to keep you productive and avoid procrastination

Of course, I would say this, but I promise you that if you do the tasks and follow the framework in this masterclass it will change your consulting practice. You'll start to get traction in your thought leadership, make the most of your ideas, and get off the 'jobbing consultant's treadmill' of always chasing the next gig. I am 100% confident we will find multiple assets hiding in plain sight that you can use to build your business. If not you can get your money back.

That said, there's a lot more you can do. The 1 Day Uncover Your Hidden Assets Masterclass is a launchpad to the full Asset Path 21 Day Epic Program which we run only three times per year. Or you can join us at The Better Than Great Club where we work together on asset creation every week, Uncover Your Hidden Assets participants get to the front of the queue and get a discount.

Join us on the 1 Day Uncover Your Hidden Assets Masterclass

within one day you'll uncover resources, treasures and assets hiding in plain sight

I'm going to help you find all the IP you forgot you had... so you don't have to keep making new stuff, feel bad because you've not made the most of your ideas, nor fall back on filling your days with one to ones.

I'll give you the confidence to know exactly what asset to make first so you don't have to keep jobbing, working so many hours, and selling your time. 

I am 100% confident we will find multiple assets hiding in plain sight that you can use to build your practice.
If not you can get your money back.


2 x 3 hour live training sessions

Workbook and link to recordings for all attendees


Capped at 10 participants
so you get individual attention

Your Options

Select your to save your space on the next masterclass


1 Day Uncover Your Hidden Assets Sprint


What's included

  • 2 x 3 hour, small group (max 10 participants) training over zoom
  • Workbook & recording of the training
  • Opportunity to ask questions about monetising your specific assets

Check what my clients say

Debs is wonderful - insightful, versatile, thorough, and timely...

"Debs knew when to push, prod, and inject structure, and when to back off and give me space. She provided valuable feedback throughout the process, her support kept me balanced and gave me confidence. I wouldn’t be sending my book to Bloomsbury Publishing without Debs."

Ann Latham

Forbes.com Expert blogger, author of The Clarity Papers & The Power of Clarity


I highly recommend Debs...

"Debs has an uncanny ability to take all your thoughts out of your head and structure them in a way that not only makes sense but gives you confidence."

Justice Williams, MBE

Multi-award winning Business Coach for female entrepreneurs


Debs is a breath of fresh air, a trusted partner, a muse for creativity...

"...a major catalyst in getting my message and brand out into the world. Debs helps me capture my thoughts and ideas in a way that can be clearly and compellingly shared with others. She helps me organize my IP while connecting the dots from one piece of content to the next."

Dr Liz Bywater

Executive Advisor & Strategic Confidant to the C-Suite, Author & Consultant


About Debbie Jenkins.

I love working with smart consultants, coaches and mentors who are brilliant at serving their clients, and also need to take care of their own practice. 

I’ve been running my own consultancy businesses for the last 25+ years. My first business was a digital marketing agency in the '90s helping consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers and expert advisors to grow their business while reducing marketing waste. Over the next 3 years I grew that company to 12 employees, an office in the city, a chillax room for the team... I thought I knew what I was doing. But I missed capitalising on a vital step - I didn’t create enough assets that would work for me so that I didn’t have to keep on selling my own and my team’s time. You can read more about my personal journey here: www.DebbieJenkins.com

I know that it’s easy to get caught up delivering to clients, keeping on top of trends and technology, marketing and proposal writing, racing from job to job. It’s hard to squeeze in time for your own personal professional development, let alone find space to think about creating assets. And there’s the dilemma, because without these assets you’ll always be bouncing from job to job, selling your time not your value, and leaving your best ideas on your busy desk.

Over the last 25 years I have helped COOs from Microsoft, VPs from McDonald's and Executives from Mars (the company, not the planet) create, build and launch assets that have helped them win clients, build their personal practices and become published authors*. Through my publishing company I published over 80 business books. After I sold it I went on to help more than 30 smart business owners write their legacy book, and coached hundreds of consultants to market themselves, their business, and their IP. I have ghostwritten bestselling business books for venture capitalists, CFOs, MBEs, professors, mentors and coaches. Projects I’ve worked on have been published by Pearson, Business Expert Press, and Bloomsbury. I have designed and marketed apps, produced websites and written/co-written more than 10 books (my first in 2003), with three more coming out in 2023.

I know how to help you get the clever ideas out of your head (or off your computer) and turned into valuable things (assets) for your business. Assets like business books, whitepapers, converting websites, marketing materials, podcasts... I also know how to help you use these assets to accelerate your time to impact, achieve visibility and influence, and improve your bottom line.

I have a 1st Class Degree in Electronics Engineering which means I am trained to look for sustainable and innovative solutions to problems, I understand technology and software development, and I can create models and frameworks that people can use (and I know what a MOSFET is). I moved to Southern Spain in 2005. I live at the Disaster Farm (that's not a typo) with a host of animals, where I invite special clients to visit and work on their assets in person.

I am determined to help all my clients make the most of their IP, ideas and talent. I can help you turn your clever ideas into valuable things. And we'll have fun doing it.

* I work with people from companies that don’t start with an M too!