Turning a book

 into a brand

  "So many consultants are limited by their capacity to get their content out into the marketplace - the process can seem overwhelming. Debbie Jenkins has figured out how to simplify and amplify that process."
Andy Bass, PHD - Author of start With What Works - bassclusker.com

The Challenge: Andy had a new book coming out - how could he take advantage of this marketing opportunity?

Andy was no stranger to publishing - he already had two books in print - The Performance Papers and Networkability. His landmark book, Start With What Works, published by Pearson, had just been published and Andy wanted to take advantage to refresh his brand and create reusable assets.
He needed marketing assets that would encourage buyers, reward readers and interest his target market to get in touch with him. 

Andy initially engaged me to help with his marketing strategy over 20 years ago. Over this time I've worked with him on whitepapers, his website, marketing training, and the publication of his first book, The Performance Papers, with my old publishing company. This time he needed assets for the launch of his newest book, Start With What Works.

Who is Andy Bass, PhD?

Andy Bass is the founder of BassClusker Consulting, an executive advisory firm that helps organizations grow faster by using resources they have already. He has advised leaders in more than 30 industries, including professional services, finance, technology, manufacturing, health, media, education and the arts. Andy is also a Forum Chair for MacKay CEO Forums, an international peer-to-peer learning organization for CEOs, mentors consultants as one of Alan Weiss’s Millions Dollar Consulting Master Mentors, and has taught executives at Warwick, Strathclyde and Aston Business Schools.

The Solution: Reuse Andy's IP & Assets to
Create Marketing Materials to Build his Brand

Andy already had a mountain of IP, written materials and ideas that we could take advantage of - we just needed to decide which assets & IP to use immediately and turn them into branded assets for his book launch and beyond.

Solution Step 1: Identify reusable assets

Andy booked a private strategy session where we methodically captured & evaluated the many assets he had created over the last 20 years as a consultant.

Andy is a prolific writer and creator. There were a lot of excellent assets that we could put back to work. We were working with a massive vault of IP, we needed to decide what assets would be best for his readers and would take Andy's brand to the next level.

Solution Step 2: Create attractive, shareable assets for the book launch

Andy had an urgent need for business assets for the book launch to fulfill his promise to readers.

We selected the right raw material to turn into assets for the book landing page. Previous articles, existing whitepapers and material from the book were all repurposed. Introductions and Most Wanted Responses were added to make the materials work for Andy and his new brand. Images were redrawn in the new style.

Solution Step 3: Ensure all assets were reusable for the future

By using readily available, easy to use tools, we created assets that Andy's assistant could simply recreate, update and duplicate in the future.

We created a number of basic assets such as 3D book images, along with PDFs of his Start With What Works(tm) Sheets. Andy would be able to use the assets as ebooks, worksheets, or presentations with his clients. The assets can be remixed and reused for future marketing and social media needs. The base designs were stylish, flexible and branded.

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Start With What Works was published in 2021, by Pearson

Get your copy of the book here: Buy The Book

I've been working with Andy for over 20 years

We started working together over twenty years ago when I was running the digital marketing agency that I founded in Birmingham. Over the years I've helped Andy with his marketing, designed his websites, and published his previous book. It was a pleasure to work with him again for the launch of his newest business book. The assets we created are beautiful and show Andy's depth of knowledge and experience as a consultant.

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