First of all – I drew you a picture – scroll down to see it…

Second, I’m back from my summer pause, I bet you didn’t even notice I was gone. I take August off as ‘vacation’ every year, and I generally don’t work Fridays, and the last week in the month is a non-talking week (so hard for me!). This is how I manage my time and energy – or, as one lovely client called it, The Deborian Calendar.

How do you manage your time and energy? Did you get a break over summer?

Now, I’m back with a big plan to take over the world. Well, to write more and get my program off the ground. Talking of which, my main book and program are taking shape under this title:

Better Than Great: How Smart Consultants Create Assets To
Free Their Time, Deliver Value and Scale Their Business

Your thoughts (as usual) are welcome – just reply to this email. And, if you want to be a case study or beta reader let me know.

This book is the culmination of most of the stuff I’ve learnt in 25+ years of being an entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, coach, and consultant. It will be the highest value per page book you’ve ever read – and acted on. I’m excited just thinking about it. The program will be introduced in the next email, hold on to your socks.

In the background, I’ve been proving elements of my The Asset Path framework (that backs up the book and program) on unsuspecting clients. You have been part of an experiment, mwahahah, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

I am now doing one final proof and offering 6 incredibly lucky (!) people a one-hour 1 to 1 with me where we’ll cut through the chaos and work out exactly what asset you should be creating next to build your business.

Not sure if this is for you?

If you’ve been mithering* about all the different things you could do to build your consultancy business – like write a book, create a course, make a newsletter, do a blog or podcast, or X, or Y… but don’t know which one is the right one, right now – then speak to me.

If you’ve been debating with yourself about what happens if you pick the wrong thing, changing your mind part way through and then not finishing anything, feeling overwhelmed because nothing is reaching scale – then speak to me.

If you’ve been overcomplicating everything, getting hung up on the tech, dithering** about outsourcing or hiring, not following through with your assets – talk to me.

Because, if you follow the crowd and take the advice from all the experts on Facebook who are saying: Just do everything, now, at the same time! Outsource your socks! Scale, pivot, funnelise your way to success… then you’ll end up in panic mode, confused, floundering in the chaos, giving yourself the worst dose of 4am Dave Brain***… every… single… day…

If you’re suffering from Dave Brain****, then I’ll help you decide, and after we’ve spoken you’ll know exactly what your next step should be… Book in with me.

If this isn’t for you but you know someone suffering, please do them a favour and pass this along. If they book a slot and tell me your name I’ll give you an hour consultation free.

Finally, I drew you a picture, you’re welcome:

We’re rewarded for our outcomes, not inputs. What outcomes are you creating this week?

Ciao for now,

* I love that word – my Mom’s favourite when we were kids (stop mithering me) – I’ve been trying to use it in an email to you for ages
** Jackpot, I got ‘dithering’ in too
*** 4am Dave Brain – when you wake up at 4am and switch on the ‘Dave’ Channel in your brain, watching reruns of all your favourite worry, disaster and confusion ‘shows’ – and then do the same the night after
**** Sorry to all the Daves out there, but don’t blame me, blame the BBC – ‘Dave’ is a British free-to-air television channel, which is available in the UK and Ireland. Don’t watch it. You’ve been warned.


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People only do what you want them to do when it’s what they want to do (unless you’ve got a gun)

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