You’re not selling coaching. Nobody buys coaching…
You’re not selling consulting. Nobody buys consulting…
You’re not selling training. Nobody buys training…
You’re not selling a book. Nobody buys a book…
You’re not selling a widget. Nobody buys a widget…

Stop trying to sell sh!t because nobody is buying it!

So, what the heck are you selling?
You’re selling a transformation…
We’re all in the transformation business…

Chefs, cleaners, nurses, coaches, thought leaders, educators, professional speakers, mentors, managers, entrepreneurs, business people, leaders… we’re all in the transformation business!

The trouble is some transformations are more desirable than others. Some transformations are obvious and needed. Some are actually bad for you!

Whatever you are doing today ask yourself:
1. What transformation am I making for myself?
2. What transformation am I creating for my client?
3. What transformation am I selling?
4. What transformation am I making in my relationships?
5. What transformation am I making for the world?

Use these questions in your writing, interactions, marketing, selling, coaching, consulting… Focus on the transformation!

Debs Jenkins

PS: Please share this article with anyone who keeps trying to sell you sh!t – Tell them I told you to!

PPS: Send me any examples of non-transformation businesses – I’ll show you the transformation…


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A seat at the table

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