Many moons ago (327 to be exact*), I stumbled upon a book by Geoff Burch called “Resistance is Useless: The Art of Business Persuasion.” His witty and down-to-earth perspective on business was a breath of fresh air*, and unknowingly, a nudge towards my own business journey.

These days I frequently blame him for giving me the courage to start my first business and keep it real and grounded.

Fast forward to today, and the very author who got my entrepreneurial spirit going has graciously endorsed my own book! (๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒlots of happy dances!!!) I was buzzing for weeks when he agreed!

So what magic trickery did I use to get him to write me an endorsement for my book? 

I asked him. It was as simple as that and also as complicated.

Here’s a quick cheatsheet:

  1. Identify the Right People:
    • You need endorsers whose insights and ethos align with the essence of your book. Their endorsement will carry more weight if they are recognised and respected in the relevant field. My book is slightly sarcastic and has fun images – Geoff influenced me with his irreverent books. 
  2. Personalised Requests:
    • When reaching out, make sure your request is personalised. Express why you believe their endorsement would be meaningful. I actually told him I was his number 1 fan. Then in my next message I blamed him for getting me into entrepreneurship***. Then I reminded him that I’d booked him for a black tie gig! This was a natural progression, a conversation, because he’s a human being.
  3. Make It Easy:
    • We’re all busy (that’s why you wrote a short valuable book, right?). Offer a summary of your book, or even better, the chapters you believe would resonate the most with them. Provide clear instructions on how they should send their endorsement. I asked for his email, sent him a PDF advanced copy, told him to look at the pictures. He actually read it.
  4. Offer a Reciprocal Gesture:
    • While it’s not always necessary, think about offering to help them in some way – maybe promoting their upcoming work or offering your expertise in a particular area. You don’t need to bribe, but it’s worth thinking about how you might be able to help. Of course, I offered to be his publisher, he’s thinking about it!
  5. Follow-Up Graciously:
    • Regardless of the outcome, follow up with a note of thanks for their time and consideration. If they provide an endorsement, thank them warmly and share how much it means to you. That’s what I’m doing right now on social media, I have a larger following, hopefully I’ll get more eyes on Geoff’s work!

Here’s what he said about “Stop selling books nobody buys”:

“I wish Iโ€™d read this before my books were published. It is wonderful to write and publish a book but it is even better if people buy it. If you read this brilliant book it will show you how to write what people want to buy.”
Geoff Burch, The Legendary Alternative Business Guru
(and the reason I started in business)

They say meeting your heroes can be a letdown, but my encounters with Geoff have been nothing short of inspiring. I booked him as the keynote speaker at a black tie event about 300 moons**** ago! He was amazing.

It’s also his fault that I did a stand up comedy course.  ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Ciao for now,

PS: It made my eyes a bit wet to get his endorsement!
PPS: Did you see he called my book brilliant? Did you see it? lol!
PPPS: If you want my “brilliant” book, that Geoff endorsed, get your copy today!

* Don’t do the maths, it was more than 20 and less than 30, that’s how old I am!
** Seriously in the “olden days” funny business books were rare!
*** Maybe don’t blame your endorser – unless they’ll find that really funny, like Geoff did!
**** Really, don’t do the maths!


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