The problem for us think-y peeps is that we are really good at thinking – we can think for a very long time, about a lot of things…

The challenge we have is stopping thinking and starting shipping.

Whether it’s an article, a video, a book, an offer, a gift (I know, I haven’t forgotten the book publishing checklist, I’m almost finished!) we can think about it, plan it, work on it, test it and tweak it for a very long time.

But at some point, we must ship (if we want to generate business and make our clients’ lives better!)

We have to break through the brain ⚡ world barrier and get something out of our brains and into the hands of the people we made it for.

This brain ⚡ world barrier is quite thick, and the things we make need a bit of impetus to break through – you can watch a quick video here: Have you got energetic ideas that can break through the brain world barrier? (and see me accidentally knock a load of balls on the floor!)

If you’ve got something stuck, that’s not quite shipping, it’s almost done, but you’re holding it back then here are  7 quick tips to help you stop thinking and start shipping…

7 Ways to Break Through the Brain ⚡ World Barrier

  1. Go small – what’s the minimum you can do to get it shippable? Can you make it even smaller? Reduce the features? Fewer words? No images? Only images? Blank pages? (Joking! Though the Danger Mouse cartoons used to have black screens when they ran out of budget in the ’80s.)
  2. Go insider circle – ship to just your mates, confidantes, peer group. Only let a very small inner circle see it – but get it out of your head.
  3. Go local – can you ship to a subset of your main market. Just the early readers? Or previous buyers? Or never boughts?
  4. Go prototype – think of it as an experiment. You’re just prototyping the article or book. It’s not finished, so tell people this is version 1.0.
  5. Go 80% – when you’ve done 80% ship it! Just ship it! The other 20% will take up all the time anyway!
  6. Go O’Clock – when you reach a time, let it go. It could be a number of hours worked, or an actual shipping date. But when you hit the magic O’Clock it goes.
  7. Go… I can’t think of a seventh!

    I could have saved this as a draft, thought about it for a couple more days, racked my brain for a seventh idea…

    or… I could just send it… out into the world… out of my buzzy, never satisfied, brain…

So, just ship.
Get it out there.
You know you want to.


PS: You may know that when I write anything (or create any type of communication) I always think of ONE REAL person and write specifically for them. This one is for me and for you, !


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