One of my clients (and long-time friend) remarked: “You name everything,” as I was sipping my coffee from Zippy my little white expresso cup.

“No, I don’t,” I retorted into Zoomy, my webcam.

I admit it – I do. I named my first car, my first business framework, and my first goat.

(BTW: I drew you a picture – it’s down below……..👇)

His cheeky comment opened up an interesting train of thought: am I the crazy one, or should we consultants name our stuff?

We then went on to have a great conversation about The Hedgehog Concept, and even though we couldn’t remember the exact details, we knew it was our mate Jim Collins from Good to Great.

Three reasons to name your ‘stuff’:

1. So you remember it. 
It could be just me, but I ‘think’ a lot of things and make a lot of stuff up, sometimes I forget what I thought (even though what I think is always so awesome!) and then have to think it again, which wastes brain cycles.

2. So other people remember it. I want other people to remember the stuff I say, write and do. I only make stuff up that I think will be useful, that you should take notice of and take action on it. 

3. So people can tell other people about it (because you and they remembered it). If it’s memorable, valuable and shareable – that’s called marketing! See, I told you marketing was easy.

Three ‘stuffs’ you should name:

1. Your framework, system, process:
 anything that is your IP or copyright should be named. Especially when you’ve proven it works. You might even consider registering a trademark.

2. Your programs, books, interventions, speeches: anything that you want to market (share with others) or sell. This lets your customer say: “I’d like to buy The Asset Path Program please.”

3. Your ideas: even if they might never go anywhere, you might change them, or someone might say they’re stupid – name them. I’ll be sharing some of my ‘named’ ideas in further articles – you’ll find out about The 3 Handstands Habit, FFF Boundaries & Constraints, Ruthless Time Blocking, The Brain/ World Barrier

If you’re still on the fence about naming your stuff, this is the number one reason why all consultants should name their stuff:

” If you don’t name it, someone else will.”

They might ‘name’ your stuff wrong when telling people about you, someone else might get known for that stuff, you might not be able to carry on using your own idea because someone jumped to claim it. 

” Name it to claim it.”

Tell me: what’s the name of your program? Your book? Your TED speech? Your cat? Let me know your naming strategy…

My client Ann has named (and claimed) her IP in her book The Power of Clarity.
Find out about Treadmill Verbs (you are probably using them), The Clarity Continuum (where are you?), The Cognitive Six (do you know what they are?), Cognitive Processes (have you got one?)…

I can tell people about how great Ann’s book is, and share her ideas, crediting her at the same time. Ann is a master at naming and claiming her ideas.

You can read more about how Ann’s book got selected by Bloomsbury.

Name your IP: If it’s memorable, valuable, and shareable – that’s called marketing!

Ciao for now,

PS: Time for a little nap on the Snoozy
PPS: Work With Me One-on-One: If you’d like to work directly with me to productise and name your ideas just hit reply and tell me what’s going on with your business right now and what you’d like to work on together.

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