Are you making these mistakes with claiming your IP?

1. Create & hope: You made a thing (book, course, whitepaper, podcast…) and patiently waited for people to come knocking down your door to tell you how great it is. Even consultants who have published a book, developed a program or created a system fail to reuse, recycle and upcycle their investment. To amplify your credibility, attract more clients, and get the seat at the table use your assets. It’s not enough to ‘create it and hope’, you must make the most of your IP, and quickly.

2. Not packaging & selling your sawdust: Your thinking and creative process, the way you’ve developed your products and services, and the investment you’ve made in your learning are, in fact, all potential assets. Your sawdust is probably more valuable than most consultant’s IP. It’s time to sell your sawdust!

I first heard about “selling your sawdust” when I interviewed Michael Simmons for my Chaos to Creation Confessions Podcast.

3. Not exploiting your ‘old’ ideas, products, IP: Really successful consultants make sure they package their learning after every engagement. That’s how they productise and capitalise on their ideas and IP, instead of racing off to the next job. You have a resource exploitation opportunity. Work out what’s the best asset to explore and exploit right now, so you don’t waste your precious time and resources.

4. Only providing an idea in one delivery mode: 
Top consultants know they can upcycle their IP in multiple different delivery modes. Your podcast can be turned into articles. Your articles can transform into a book. Your book can become your best salesperson. Videos and audios can be remodeled into a course or series, into a membership site or paid subscription. You have a delivery mode opportunity.

The solution to these mistakes? It’s simple, but not necessarily easy, unless you follow my plan (of course!)

You take advantage of the opportunities and create Minimum Valuable Assets®.

We’re not talking about ‘creating content’, colouring it in, and spamming it on social media – we’re talking about creating value – for you and for your clients.

Minimum Valuable Assets are like conversations you have with your clients when you’re not even there with them.  You both learn something AND feel good afterwards.

One step in creating assets, perhaps the most important step, is uncovering what you already know and packaging it up. Join me on an Uncover Your Hidden Assets 2 x 1/2 day sprint to find out more.

Join me:

Are you ready to claim your IP?


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