🛑 Today is a Zero Based Thinking Day 🛑

I’ve always been a bit of a masochist when it comes to decision making – I prefer a ‘no, for now’ approach mostly and I’ve never avoided starting again from zero if I needed to (ask me about it sometime).

ZBT comes from Brian Tracy, in Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want-Faster Than You Ever Though Possible, says:  

“When you begin to plan your long term future, one of the most valuable exercises you can engage in is ‘zero-based thinking… Knowing what I now know, is there anything that I am doing today that I wouldn’t start again if I had to do it over?”

I don’t think you should wait for a crisis, a disruption or New Year to decide if what you’re doing now is taking you where you want to go.

I do ZBT every quarter along with my accounts (I live in Spain, we do them E V E R Y quarter!) and a business detox – I use a quick categorisation:

* health
* wealth
* relationships
* self

And ask: With what I know now (about the thing: health, wealth, relationships, self) if I had to do it again would I do the same thing?

YES: Yay, keep on doing it. ✅

NO: Oops, what can I do to avoid, remove or fix the situation? ❌

For me, the key is knowing what to STOP so I can START doing the right thing (for now!)

Ciao for now,

PS: If you never hear from me again, you didn’t make the cut!


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Don’t listen to me

Don’t listen to me

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