Want to write & publish your own book?

In this one hour webinar I'll show you exactly what you need to do to outline, write, publish and promote your own short book, so you're not reliant on gatekeepers...

What's covered in the
Minimum Valuable Asset®: Book Workshop

It's fast paced, you'll want to put me on 'slow' on the replay, I'm going to show you everything you need to do to get your
Minimum Valuable Asset: Book outlined, written, designed, published and promoted.

Minimum Valuable Asset: Books are low content, IP claim short books. 

They are simple, less than 10,000 words books, such as:

  • Workbooks & Summaries
  • Process visuals
  • Manifestos
  • Quotes
  • Cheat sheets
  • Slide decks
  • Journals & Diaries

Minimum Valuable Asset: Books provide marketers, consultants, thought leaders, trainers, and speakers with a low cost, fast to market product for their marketing pipeline. Find out why you should create your own low content book to generate more leads, claim your IP and get yourself in one of the largest search engines in the world...

What we'll cover

Step 1
Map the value for you and for the reader. Outline the minimum necessary information.
Step 2
Sprint to draft an outline, using the tools you already have.
Step 3
Prototype your first edition with a designer or using tools you already have.
Step 4
Get it online, uploaded to Amazon and in production.
Step 5
Use it in your marketing, make marketing assets, get it socialised.

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Here’s what people are saying about Debbie Jenkins

Debs is insightful, quick, and creative, though I think I value her enthusiasm most of all.

Debs knew when to push, prod, and inject structure, and when to back off and give me space. Her support kept me balanced and gave me confidence. It was just great to be able to bounce ideas and concerns off her as I pulled the many pieces together.

Ann Latham - Author The Power of Clarity by Bloomsbury Publishing

I can’t thanks Debs enough, she completely turned my book around

She has a unique way of getting the very best out of you, because she genuinely wants you to have a great book.

Mark Coles - fitness professional

I am so grateful, refreshed and inspired by the knowledge she shared

Anytime I spend with Debs feels like I am going through a real-life MBA, with someone who walks, talks and embodies cutting edge business knowledge and proven skills

Carrie Eddins - connection marketing specialist

Let me be your guide

Over the last 20+ years I've been involved in the publishing industry in many different forms. I've written more than 10 books, ghostwritten at least another 20, produce and published more than 80. My own books on Spain bring me a recurring income that covers most of my living expenses. If you follow the MVA: BOOK model you could probably get it done in a week, and be selling it on Amazon! You've got this, and I've got you - let me guide you...


Consultants, coaches, speakers and trainers you need assets in your business if you want to scale, retire or sell - this is The Asset Path®

Your assets don't need to be massively complicated - these are Minimum Valuable Assets® (MVA)

One of the best ways to become an authority is to write a book - this is a MVA: BOOK

Books don't need to be complicated - use constraints and the DML

You can choose yourself - you don't need to wait to be selected by a publisher

You can get out of the chaos and idea debt by setting and using constraints - this is Stop Starting, Start Stopping®

Hi, I'm Debs Jenkins

I help experts reinvent themselves by packaging what they already know. I work with smart business owners who have been running their consultancy, training or coaching business quite a few years and are wondering how they’re ever going to be able to slow down, retire or sell!

Finding the time to deliver to your clients and to develop new products, processes or IP is hard! With all the time you spend running day-to-day operations, who has time to figure out how to create assets that will bring you recurring revenue? But if you don’t create assets how can you get off the hamster wheel and stop selling your time?

Person with difficulty and questions in studies
Who this is for...

Business owners, consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers, thought leaders, authors - smart people who think for a living.

You may have already written a book, but you're not yet published, so come along to find out what to do next.

Or you have an idea for a book but don't know where to start, I'll get you started.

Perhaps you have been published/self-pùblished but you're not getting any headway, I can help you.

If you want to create a supplementary book to your main book to include worksheets, process visuals, or a journal - I've got you covered.

The Books in The Forest
Why you should Watch...

Because you don't have to wait to be chosen by a publisher to get your material into the hands of the people who need it.

And you don't need to pay a fortune to get your book published, nor take a year, nor give all your royalties away.

And, you definitely don't need to write an epic to make a difference to other people.

My Lovely Clients

Debbie Jenkins worked miracles

Debs was able to put herself into my head and help me transform my dream into a project, and then into a book that will be released by a well known publisher. If you want to turn your experience into something written that has value, the wish to be an author is not enough. You need a coach who not only understands you and your crazy ideas, but is a sensitive guide for you to develop the framework, the process and then the solution.

Martina Muttke - Executive Mentor & Coach
Made a big difference to our results

So many consultants are limited by their capacity to get their content out into the marketplace - the process can seem overwhelming. Debbie Jenkins has figured out how to simplify and amplify that process. You should probably hire her before your competition does!

Andy Bass, PhD - Management Advisor
Debs is an amazing book coach

She has an uncanny ability to take all your thoughts out of your head and structure them in a way that only make sense but gives you the confidence you have a great book! I highly recommend Debs to all aspiring and seasoned book authors.

Justice Williams, MBE

Don't watch the workshop if...

You want it all done for you...

I have a team who can help you get it all done, but this workshop is for people who want to do at least the first pass themselves... (of course you'll need professionals for some of the design work).

You're not ready to take action...

You'll just waste an hour of your life. You need to be an action taker. Someone who will move the project on. Bookmark this page if 'now' isn't the right time for you.

You're a workshop junkie...

This workshop isn't about just giving you information, it's about you taking action, choosing yourself, getting it done. So stop consuming and start creating.

You want to write a 60,000 word legacy book...

That's a different type of book. Get in touch and I can help you.

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But it doesn’t have to stay that way!

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