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7 Fast Ways to Get Clarity in The Chaos

8 Chapters 13 Lessons

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Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stressed? Do you want to create assets for your business, but keep falling into a cycle of consuming other people’s training courses or online programs, and buying new products, books and schemes? If you keep consuming information, adding resources, hoping for clarity, nothing will change.

Stop drinking from the fire-hose of information, working harder and harder to stay still.

Many of us live in a state of chaos. We’re busy running from client to client, or bouncing from one side business project to the other. This means we’re rarely focused on any one thing unless we have to be. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. There are a handful of things you can do today that will help you get comfortable enough to create valuable assets for your clients. We all know these are the real assets that can lead to bigger things, like books, workshops, products and services you can sell – but in order to make them happen – we first have to stop consuming the content or tools developed by others.

In about an hour, you’ll know the difference between consuming vs creating assets. And how to use 7 principles that work for almost any business. Are you ready to turn what you know into products to sell? Do you have information that can be turned into a product, training program, coaching program, or book? Start using these 7 simple techniques to get clarity to create your own products and services that take your business to the next level, and make you feel good at the same time.

Course Structure

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Principle 1: Let's Reframe Chaos 2 Lessons

Can you learn to enjoy the chaos?


For smart, creative people, we've got a lot going on and our lives are well, chaotic.

Four tips to feel comfortable in the chaos. 

    1. Predict & Prepare
    2. Change the Chaotic Environment
    3. Learn to Influence this Chaotic Wind
    4. Learn to Enjoy the Chaos

Watch to find out how...

Your route to getting the chaos out of your head and turning it into something your clients will love...

Your route to getting the chaos out of your head and turning it into something your clients will love...

In order for you to create products to get out of the chaos, you have to embrace these three philosophies.

  1. Chaos is a feature, not a bug
  2. Constraints are good for you. Boundaries are essential
  3. Creation is your responsibility

Watch to find out how...

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Principle 2: Clear the idea debt 1 Lesson

Detox to make space

2 Hour Intervention replay

What you’ll discover on this ​​dangerous & direct Business Detox ​Intervention ​

  1. Identify the tasks that are consuming your time and not producing results so you can eliminate them ​
  2. Find out the truth about what's making you money, saving you money or is just a drain on your resources
  3. ​Discover the most powerful question any business owner should ​use - this one question will change the way you look at your business and your life!
  4. ​Master the 'POG' to make fast decisions ​that work for your business ​
  5. Reduce pains and increase gains with just one tool
  6. Free up time and resources, reclaim ​your sense of direction, build your business
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Principle 3: Give yourself a new title 1 Lesson

Can You Become Confident And Excited About Stepping Into The Unknown?

There are three things to draw out from this video.

  1. You should emulate what works. Our friends were using it, it worked really, really well for them, and we thought, let's try it for us. We emulated what worked.
  2. Sometimes you have to hold a hand to walk into a darkened room for the first time. You have to hold a hand to walk into the unknown. Sometimes you just have to follow somebody, you follow them and walk behind them. That's okay the first time.
  3. The room will not be illuminated, unless you actually step into it. You have to take that step into a darkened room, before the light will shine.
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Principle 4: Break the system interrupts 2 Lessons

Don't rely on your memory, it's a bit SISO

Be careful what we put in our brain jars because when there's too much stuff in there, we don't get any of these energetic ideas - the ideas that are desperate to get out and break that brain/world barrier. Too many ideas, too much turgidity in the brain.

  • Don't rely on your memory. 
  • Get a system.
  • Rely on Spaced Repetition but, remember, SHIT IN, SHIT OUT!

Always sprinting marathons isn’t sustainable

My question to you is, are you always turning everything into a marathon? Are you always turning everything into the longest it can possibly be? Into the hardest it can possibly be? Okay, you'd be the hero at the end, but really does it have to be quite that hard?

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Principle 5: Set a new destination 2 Lessons

Are you throwing your business balls in the right direction?

What's the difference between outcomes and actions?

You've probably got a goal and you've probably written it down and thought about it. That's your outcome goal, like: I want to lose 10 kilos, I want to write a book, I want to create a course, I want to do videos etc. The bad news about outcome goals is that you have very, very little control over the outcome. You can do everything possible to do it, but you have no control over the outcome.

So, what should you do instead?

Stop wishing you were a Disney Princess

A while ago, I had the feeling I was making the same decisions frequently. Then, maybe conveniently, forgetting that I already made that decision. I decided I wanted to record the decisions I was making to track my progress.

I decided to write down my decisions in a Little Book of Big Decisions, but also known as my little book of wishes at the time. What do I mean by decisions? Well, those things that you wake up at 4am thinking about. I must write a book, I must lose 10 kilos, I must get better at working, I must buy a horse, marry my partner, draw cartoons, do three handstands a day etc. Those are the types of things I've been recording in my little book of wishes, I mean, decisions.

Find out how to make sure your wishes come true...

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Principle 6: Systemise with FFF boundaries & constraints 3 Lessons

Constraints are good for you, boundaries are essential... chunking and blocking your time

Learn my FFF system that has saved me from complete and utter overwhelm, chaos, confusion, no boundaries, no weekend, weekday into weekday, and months sliding into months. 

Are you setting boundaries in your day, your week, your month and year? Are those boundaries working for you and for your family? Are they helping you achieve the things that you want to achieve in your life? 

Find out how to set up your own FFF system...

Stop starting, start stopping - for now!

What's the one thing I'm going to focus on for now? For now is my favorite phrase. Lots of people think, “what about all the beautiful things I really want to do? I love this and I want to do this!” It's only for now. Focus is just for now. 

When you use this system, and you have focus for now, you actually remove the chaos in your head, because you know, everything's in the future column. You know things are in the future column. You're not going to lose these ideas. There's no stress about losing them. You give yourself a big space to focus on. 

What is the thing I'm going to focus on for now? Find out how...

How do you know when to go fast and break things?

You can't always be racing around. You can't always be sprinting marathons. You can't always be thoughtful and in your head, and take your time about things. Sometimes there are times to go fast.

How do you know whether you should be in the slow, input, absorbing, synthesizing, thinking mode, or out there racing around executing, failing and enjoying the execution phase? How do you know when you should be there?

Lots of people are drawn to one end of the scale. They're drawn to the slow, methodical, thinking end, or they're drawn to the fast, execute, get it out there end. You need to find the right balance because you can't always be pulled over to one end.

Find out how...

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Principle 7: Select the most energetic idea 1 Lesson

Have you got energetic ideas that can break through the brain world barrier?

One of the best things about brain jars is that that's where the synthesis happens. This is where you mix those ideas up, those different interests, those different learnings and experiences you've had, you create something new. The problem is, if you mix it up and create something new, and it's still in the brain jar, you're not doing anybody a service.

I believe it's your responsibility, as a smart person, to mix these ideas up and create new products, create new things, that your audience can consume, use and learn from. Then they will have that aha moment that you had.

Learn about the three reasons we fill our brain jars...

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Principle 8: Bonus - ship it! 1 Lesson

Why are you saving your best ideas?

Lots of my clients, colleagues, and friends, save their best ideas. What are they saving them for? Saving them for tomorrow, or for the future, but it just never comes. I found that people, in general, save their best ideas for one of three main reasons.

  1. They're waiting for the right time to share their ideas.
  2. They're waiting for permission.
  3. They're waiting for buyers, readers, watchers.

Find out how to get out of the waiting game...