The 8 Writing Wastes

Demolish the 8 insidious wastes that are ruining your writing, crushing your confidence and limiting your leverage

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I know how you’re feeling. There are only so many hours in the day, and everything you do in business needs to have an impact. You can’t afford to waste time, resources or opportunities. So, don’t continue writing, blasting words out to an anonymous or indifferent audience. Stop writing right now. 

When you know what to stop doing you make more time to do the right things. When you stop wasting time and resources writing the wrong things for the wrong people you will find yourself with time and money to invest in yourself and your business. 

There are 8 insidious wastes that are ruining your writing, and wrecking your ability to get more clients. When you write better content, that focuses on the right audience, helping them solve their problems you can massively improve your leverage, help more people and get more business.

When you know what you need to write, have simplified the process and found a routine that works for you your confidence will soar. You’ll get great feedback on your writing, you’ll convert leads into clients, you’ll be able to make an impact in your industry.

Demolish the 8 insidious wastes that are ruining your writing, crushing your confidence and limiting your leverage

  • Why you should focus one one book (or article) at a time
  • How you have everything you need right now to get writing
  • Why you don't need the latest tech, gadgets, AI writing software to write well
  • Why you should STOP writing - now

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In this 53 page ebook I’m going to share with you the 8 Writing Wastes that are draining your energy and resources - and show you how to fix them, once and for all.

There really is no better time to write a book. Just make sure you’re writing the right book, for the right audience, write now.

Debs Jenkins

Stop wasting time writing the wrong things

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