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The Uncover Your Hidden Assets 1/2 Day Sprint

Your asset opportunity

You're probably dreaming of having assets that easily work for you while you're delivering to your clients, playing pickleball, or enjoying time with friends and family. Assets like high converting websites, whitepapers that claim your IP, a book that everyone references. Perhaps you dream of packaging your ideas into a self-serve course, interviewing top CEOs for your podcast, or building an app. I understand your dreams. You're on the right path.

The problem is you have too many great ideas and not enough strategic output. Let's check if that's true for you: Do you sometimes re-read an old article you wrote and you're surprised by the depth of thinking and detail you developed... and lament that so few people have had the chance to read it? Do you have lots of written material that you 'hide' behind because you're nervous about getting in front of the camera and showing your full potential? Do you have piles of brilliant ideas, loads of half-written articles, multiple started-but-not-quite-finished projects - all of them tying you down with idea debt and un-shipped frustration. If we can change the focus from idea generation to asset creation we can unlock your hidden potential.

You're not alone

All the independent consultants, coaches and mentors I work with say the same: they know they are leaders in their field, but they're not reaching the right people with their ideas... yet!

Know that your best work is yet to come and will be built upon these foundations.

Uncover Your Hidden Assets 1/2 Day Sprint

In this 1/2 day sprint we'll uncover your hidden assets. We'll use a tested system and straightforward roadmap to work out which ideas are keepers, that will become assets for your business, and which are liabilities that you can discard.

When you dump the idea debt, systemise the process, and capitalise on all your unexploited ideas you'll create assets that your clients will love. You'll feel confident that you're moving the right idea forward. You'll learn to never lose your assets again.

It's time to cash in on all the work you've done, get the results you deserve, and maybe even start creating your legacy. Join us on an intimate, live asset hunt...

What My Clients Say

Ann Latham

Uncommon Clarity: Author

"Without Debs, I would not be looking forward to the publication of The Power of Clarity by Bloomsbury Publishing as their number one business book!"

Dr Liz Bywater

Slow Down to Speed Up®

"A major catalyst in getting my message and brand out into the world. Debs helps me capture my thoughts and ideas in a way that can be clearly and compellingly shared with others. She helps me organize my IP while connecting the dots."