Darn it! There I was, snug as a bug in the middle seat on the Ryanair FR2154. On one side, a window-seat aficionado engrossed in his book, and on the other, a snoozing fellow passenger. As a certified chatterbox with a hankering for human interaction, I was itching for some chit-chat, especially after the draining funeral I’d just attended. All I wanted was to gab about my farmyard of animals and my charming Italian back home, and to embrace my poo-scooping normalcy.

When he finally put the book down it was my chance. I’d been very polite so far and resisted the urge to read over his shoulder (don’t you just hate it when people do that, I always read really slowly to make them bored). So, I did the little half turn and accidental elbow touch, and looked over at his book on the foldy table (usually a great topic to start a conversation – books not foldy tables!)

I’m not proud.

I grabbed his book and held the back cover up next to my face, and gave him my best author-ly smile – enigmatic, erudite, psychotic.

1. My communication skills have leveled up.

When I asked my AI buddy (he’s Buddy, I’m the Boss) for three inventive uses for horse poo, he suggested an unorthodox (and undesired) painting and sculpting material. Hey, it’s not my cup of tea, but the experience did sharpen my questioning prowess. 

The upside, is that getting better at asking good questions, with specific desired outcomes, and clear waypoints means my delegation skills to my team have also improved. They are getting better briefs and I’m getting better outcomes. (And, Buddy didn’t mind me asking for the same thing in 10 different ways. Thanks for your patience, Buddy!)

2. I might just be the first author to write and publish an AI-prompt enabled book.

My upcoming playbook, “The DML Communications Compass: The One Mental Model all Experts Must Master to Become a Confident Content Creator, Client Connector, and Thought Leader,” could be the first print book of its kind for business owners and solopreneurs. Keep an eye out on Amazon at the end of April!

And a a quick heads up, my book “Stop Writing Books Nobody Reads” is now available as an audiobook! So, the next time you’re stuck next to me on a plane, pop in those earbuds and relax – your secret’s safe with me. Grab your copy here: https://shortvaluablebooks.com

Remember, AI is not a replacement for thinking and writing, it  is your helpful sidekick, not your overlord. You’re still in charge – asking the right questions, making the final calls, and reaping the benefits of speedy assistance. That’s why I’m the Boss. I still direct the ideas, formulate useful prompts, and make the final decisions – Buddy just gets me there faster. 

Got any unexpected consequence stories of your own?

Ciao for now!


PS: Fancy turning heads on your next flight? Let’s write and publish your book together! Just reply with ‘Sky-High Scribe’ and we’ll take off!”

PPS: If you want a free copy of my new playbook, reply with ‘In-flight snack, please!’ and I’ll serve up a tasty digital copy of my book to satisfy your literary cravings (when it’s finished!)


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