What’s your one output today that will lead you closer to your desired outcome?

The problems:
1. It’s easy to keep inputting: adding more ideas, reading more books, buying (and not completing) more courses, studying for more qualifications…
2. It’s fun and fascinating to keep inputting: you learn something new, you feel smarter, you meet new people.
3. For some people it’s easy to keep outputting: social media posts, write a newsletter, like a post, make a comment, tweet. It’s especially easy if you use social media management tools. And you might convince yourself you are doing a great job.

But it’s your outcome you need to focus on.

If your output and input aren’t leading to the outcome, then you’re wasting time and effort.

Debs Jenkins

Make sure your output is higher than your input so you reach your outcome

Input < Output ⇒ Outcome

When you focus on the outcome first, you can work out what assets to create as output, which will inform what you need to learn and know as your input. So start with the end in mind – what’s the one output today that will get you closer to your outcome? Then just do that.


outcome focus, productivity, systems thinking

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Don’t listen to me

Don’t listen to me

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