How are things going for you?

It’s been a very busy few months for me. I’ve been helping clients around the world get their books written and assets created – my working timezones have included the East Coast to the West Coast of America, Mexico, London, Australia, and Europe. It means some strange working hours, but it’s great fun.

I’ve also been working on a program, designed for consultants, coaches, and solo business owners to help you build assets. As is often the way, we build the products and write the books we most need ourselves. This program will be an asset for my business and will provide huge value for the selected participants. I’ve been testing the program out on a few solo business owners, and they’re giving me excellent feedback.

I’d like to invite you to try one small part of the program – in fact this is the part that I think will be most exciting because it will highlight the massive amounts of value you have, that you might not be monetising yet. But before I let you know about it, let me ask you:

Are you making the most of your assets?

Most consultants, coaches, and thought leaders I speak to are surprised when I ask them to consider the untapped (probably forgotten about) assets they have. When I take them through the asset discovery process they are amazed at themselves for their ingenuity, depth of thinking, and abundant creativity. Then they usually get a little cross with themselves because they haven’t done enough with their ideas and IP – they haven’t turned them into assets.

The asset inventory usually uncovers untapped assets such as:

  • Previous client work that can be systemised – what you’ve done
  • Unfinished projects – what you’ve almost done
  • Frameworks or models you can productise – how you do what you do
  • Recorded training events or speeches – demonstration of what you did
  • Case studies, feedback, credibility clues – what other people think about what you did
  • Valuable data (e.g. surveys, interviews, category insight) – what you know that others need to know
  • Existing projects & products (e.g. book, newsletter, podcast) – recycle what you know
  • Existing products to a new delivery method or format – what you know delivered in a new way

Take five minutes right now and think about what assets you already have that could be quickly refreshed, upcycled, finished, or resurfaced. Let me know what you find – respond to this email and share your assets.

And, talking about assets, have you taken the free Asset Path Diagnostic to find out where you are on your journey? It’s quick and simple, and you get a 30 page personalised report – try it here:


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