7 Fast Ways to Get
Comfortable in the Chaos

So you can easily create assets for your business & stop wasting time and money consuming other people's stuff and second guessing yourself...

You're not alone if you have too many unfinished projects

Before creating new products or services to serve your clients consider that you may already have hidden assets waiting to be developed.

In your years of client work you will have created valuable IP... that you've probably forgotten about.

IP such as:

  • Previous client work that can be systemised - what you’ve done
  • Unfinished projects - what you’ve almost done
  • Frameworks or models you can productise - how you do what you do
  • Recorded training events or speeches - demonstration of what you did
  • Case studies, feedback, credibility clues - what other people think about what you did
  • Valuable data that others would buy e.g. surveys, interviews, category insight
  • Re-energise existing projects e.g. newsletter, podcast
  • Upcycle existing products with a new delivery method or format

Every time you move on without capitalising on the effort you have expended you are leaving money, value and IP on the table. It's time to sell your sawdust!

Are You Ready?

What we'll cover on the 1/2 Day Hidden Asset Sprint:

  1. The Asset Test - what is an asset
  2. The Asset Inventory - map your current & hidden assets
  3. The Venn of Minimum Valuable Assets - what makes a great asset
  4. Your Jar of Energetic Ideas - how to select the best assets to exploit
  5. The risky serendipity asset map - determine your XXX
  6. How to capture your IP in the future - so you never lose your assets again
  7. What to do next with the assets you've uncovered so you can turn them into value, easily!
  8. The ADA:313 constraints system to make sure you take action
  9. Finally, FFF Ruthless Time Blocking to keep you productive and avoid procrastination

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Consultants: If you don’t make time for asset creation, you will have to make time for job hunting...

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