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Each quarter we take on a small number of visionary consultants to lead through The Asset Path™.

Join us for the Q1:2021:21 Day Epic and move your consulting business to the next level. Find out more with a free Epic Discovery Call...


Productise your ideas with The Asset Path™ 21 Day Epic

To move up the consultant ladder you need a system. A repeatable, simple process for creating multiple assets. The Asset Path™ 21 Day Epic, will help you:

  • Increase your confidence as business comes to you, and your clients achieve massive success.
  • Create assets, real things that work and generate income, when you’re not working.
  • Increase your fees, you can charge more as the ‘go to’ consultant.
  • Generate authority and credibility. You will be quoted in the media, on TV and in books.
  • Become more visible. Instead of shouting on social media, clients will come to you.
  • Become famous in your expert area. People will reference your models, frameworks, and techniques.
  • Increase revenue & profits. Experts with a system, book, or framework earn more.
  • Be easily remembered and celebrated, long after you’ve stopped consulting.
  • Sell your sawdust, so you make money from the byproducts of your consultancy.
  • Systemise the process so you can easily do it again!

Find out more about The Asset Path™ 21 Day Epic

The Asset Path™ 21 Day Epic is a small group of hand selected consultants working on their asset creation during an 21 day period. Led by Debbie Jenkins, together, we walk through a program to select, design and develop the right, smart idea that has enough energy to break through the brain / world barrier, and make a difference for you and your clients. 

Each day we will move one step closer to your own MVA™, to a systemised business, to more freedom to serve your clients. And, we’ll have a lot of fun.  You will learn all the techniques and tactics to determine, outline, and develop your own Minimum Valuable Assets™, on demand. You will be introduced to a vetted team of professionals who can assist in asset development, and running your business. You will get individual attention from Debbie Jenkins, feedback on your ideas, and direction for improvement. By the end of the Epic you will have a functioning Minimum Valuable Asset™. 

About Debbie Jenkins.

I'm Debs Jenkins, I guide smart people, experts and thought leaders to get out of the chaos in their heads and create Minimum Valuable Assets™ that their clients will love. I am an author, coach and mentor, and I'm excited to invite you to a free 'no pressure' Epic Discovery Call...

What My Clients Say

Ann Latham

Uncommon Clarity: Author

"Without Debs, I would not be looking forward to the publication of The Power of Clarity by Bloomsbury Publishing as their number one business book!"

Dr Liz Bywater

Slow Down to Speed Up®

"A major catalyst in getting my message and brand out into the world. Debs helps me capture my thoughts and ideas in a way that can be clearly and compellingly shared with others. She helps me organize my IP while connecting the dots."